And ticks can survive under water for three weeks, so they should not flush the toilet. He probably will survive it and who knows, maybe, will come to take revenge. But with clothes spider can be removed with adhesive tape, offers Roskoshestvo. The report also says that vaccination does not protect from ticks – “the vaccinated person is still vulnerable to all infections, in addition to tick-borne encephalitis”.

Informed “RG” has published the data of the CPS that the most disadvantaged on the incidence of tick-borne encephalitis in the North-Western, Ural, Siberian and far Eastern Federal district and adjacent to the capital region – Tver and Yaroslavl regions. In the suburbs encephalitic mites are most often found in the Dmitrov and Taldom districts. Moreover, tick-borne viral encephalitis is a very serious viral disease that affects the Central nervous system and can lead to disability and death.

And the easiest way of protection – most clothing to cover exposed areas of the body. Going on nature, it is also advisable to purchase a special repellent that additionally process clothing. Pets should also be treated with special agents. One treatment can last for the entire season. Additionally you need to purchase a collar from fleas and ticks.