In Roskoshestvo told how to choose the best bouquet for March 8

tip number one – it is better to refuse to purchase ready-made bouquets and baskets, and to choose the flowers yourself or ask to make a song with you.

Photo: istock What the weather would be on March 8 and the heat associated with climate change

Second. Prefer buds and half colors. The buds should not be yellowish, and half of the flowers should be no pollen on the stamens. Fresh Bud – smooth, firm, regular shape, without any streaks and smudges, not tied with a rubber band and secured with tape.

Third. Pay attention to the stems. They should be fleshy, elastic, without external damage and stains. The cut must be light, moist, free from foreign smell. If it is yellowed or blackened, then the flower cut long, and he had long been without water.

as for storage, do not forget that changes in temperature are harmful to colors, so if they stayed in the cold, you have to let them get used to a new place in the cool, for example, in the corridor or the stairwell. Then you need to update the cut, put the flowers in water.

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