Introduced a new classification that separates drinking water natural mineral (stolowy, medicinal table, medicinal), separirovannoe drinking treated drinking, natural and baby food.

Labelling of natural mineral water should contain the number of a well borehole indicating the field or area of interest or name of source (spring key), including its location. Information about natural drinking water now include data on location of water intake (name of river, lake or other water object).

a Separate norm for drinking water for baby food – can only be used table natural mineral or natural drinking water. Thus, a ban on bottling of such water lines which are designed for the beverage industry.

the New rules are aimed at strengthening the monitoring of drinking water quality, combating counterfeit. However, a number of norms of technical regulations needs to change, says Deputy head of Roskoshestvo Elena Saradzev.

According to her, in Russia there are no methods and systems to confirm the natural origin of the water. Also there is no unified database of sources. “The solution could be the implementation of 468, the resolutions of the Council of the Federation (“On the national system of protection of consumer rights”) on the formation of a database for identification of natural water, – the expert believes.

in addition, the technical regulations necessary to install additional labelling requirements. We are talking about placing on the front side of the label the words “treated water”, and the font size should be at least 3 mm, said Elena Saradzev.

the New technical regulations of the EEU (subject to the provisions of the transition period) entered into force on 1 January 2019. Also operated a transitional period for certain provisions until 1 July 2020. At the request of the Russian manufacturers it was decided to extend this period until 31 December 2021. In particular, it concerns the extension of the term of validity of previously issued documents of conformity assessment of production requirements.