In Roskoshestvo figured out how the pandemic will affect the price of alcohol

And the first is to wait for the gradual increase in the cost of inexpensive wines. But despite the fact that the rate of foreign currency increased almost 30%, the wine from this segment will increase in price by 5-10% during the first weeks, according to Rascacielo. But if the situation with currency rates is not normal, then after a month and a half of wine prices may rise more substantial.

Photo: iStock Roskoshestvo: Russia has increased the quality of milk

in Addition to the increase in foreign exchange rates on the cost of imported wines affected by restrictions on movement, which is administered by many countries. Plus with January 1 on all wines was increased the excise tax from 18 to 31 of the ruble.

Experts believe Roskoshestvo: Russian wines on the shelves in the near future there will be more.

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