BEIRUT, 2 may – RIA Novosti. The tangible effects of the pandemic coronavirus will occur in the second quarter of the current fiscal year. Saudi Arabia and the whole world will not be the same, said Finance Minister Mohammad Jadaan in interview to TV channel “al Arabiya”.

“Saudi Arabia has taken a tough and quick action. The real impact of the pandemic coronavirus will occur in the second quarter”, – quotes the Minister a channel.

According to the Minister, in the first quarter of fiscal year budget figures showed the true extent of the damage.

“Saudi Arabia and the world will not return to what it was before the coronavirus. There will be changes in economic processes”,- said Jadaan.

the Minister explained that the changes are related to the fact that the revenues from the oil and other industries has fallen dramatically since the beginning of the year. The government, he said, had developed “a very large number of different measures to counter the pandemic.”

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