In Rio de Janeiro launched the carnival parades

on Friday, February 21 in the evening local time in Rio de Janeiro began the traditional carnival parades of Samba schools. The right to open the first night of performances went to school “Academicus di Vigario-Geral”, and in Sunday in the colorful competition will join the giants.

the Results of the jury vote will be known on the day of the official end of the carnival, which coincides with the beginning of the Catholic lent. Six received the highest results Samba schools will be able to demonstrate his art at the famous sambodrome, which will host the “parade of winners”.

As expected, in this season on the streets of Rio de Janeiro will be released at least 7 million people. During the period from 12 January to 1 March, the Prefecture agreed to more than 440 festive processions, for which are assigned entire blocks overlap the boulevards and quays, on duty reinforced police officers.