The world is experiencing a critical change in the non-communicable diseases, such As cardiovascular disease in many countries, is likely to cancer in several decades, worldwide, the most common cause of death, it was said in the journal “Lancet” published data. It is essential to national health strategies to adapt.

cardiovascular problems especially in rich countries,

Cardiovascular diseases are the researchers found that in rich countries, since about half a century, the most common cause of death. Overall, cardiac-vascular Suffering also, according to the new analysis, the main cause of death: 40 per cent of the recorded deaths had a cardiovascular Background.

Twice as many cancer Deaths

Among the 35 – to 70-Year-olds in wealthy countries there are in the Mediterranean but in the meantime, approximately twice as many cancer deaths as due to cardiovascular diseases. As the rich countries of the so-called “PURE”inquiry, for example, Canada or Sweden apply.

Switzerland, Germany or Austria were not included in the analysis. As countries with a medium income, for example, China, Poland and Turkey will be conducted, as poor countries, India and Tanzania.

the results have been analysed to enjoy with caution

For the Paris studies presented data of around 160’000 people aged 35 to 70 years from 21 countries. With cardiovascular disease-related deaths there are in this age group, therefore, in poorer countries, around two and a half times more often than in rich countries – although in the wealthy industrial countries have much more risk factors for such diseases.

the cause of this is probably the worse health care in poor countries, explain the researchers Salim Yusuf of McMaster University in Hamilton and Gilles Dagenais from the University of Laval in Quebec (Canada). Global played-preventable factors such as Obesity, lack of exercise and high blood pressure a major role in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease, in poorer countries, problems such as polluted air in the household and malnutrition.

Even if the data base is large, to be exercised in the Interpretation of the data caution, explain the researchers. For all the countries of the earth Generali, the results did not need to authenticate, among other things, because in “PURE” Western and Northern Africa as well as Australia were not taken into account. (SDA)

as before, cancer is a shock diagnosis. However, modern medicine can always chalk up more successes in the fight against malignant tumors. With the most modern treatments, the Cell growths will be gone at the collar.