In relation to the driver of the

Police found out that the unusual vehicle was manufactured “outside the factory conditions, by a makeshift Assembly at the private Studio”. In addition, the machine is not registered in state agencies, does not have a certificate of approval of the vehicle type and appropriate access to participation in road traffic.

In total, the driver of the “Batmobile” runs the risk of being fined 2800 rubles

In the end, “Batmobile” was delivered to the impound lot. By the way, this unforeseen difficulties. It turned out that the tow trucks are simply not equipped to move such non-standard machine – a squat, broad and massive wheels. But the wrecker still managed to solve it.

Photo: Alex Maishev / RIA Novosti Confessed to having tossed the drugs Golunova ex-COP released from jail

32-year-old resident of the capital, who was driving the “Batmobile”, by the way, without a mask and cloak, made several administrative Affairs.

“concerning the driver the administrative report under article 12.21.1 of the administrative code “violation of rules of movement of heavy and (or) large vehicles”, and also made two determination about initiation of proceedings about an administrative offence under article 12.5 of the administrative code “driving in the presence of malfunctions or conditions at which operation of vehicles is forbidden” and article 12.1 of the administrative code “driving a vehicle that is not registered in the prescribed manner, have not passed state technical inspection”, – told in the Metropolitan police.

However, the sanctions on the imputed administrative structures does not very dangerous. In total, the driver of the “Batmobile” runs the risk of being fined 2800 rubles.

Butfrom drive on Moscow, or any Russian city or village, the motorist-the original no longer can. And that seems to be his main punishment. So much effort and money – and all for nothing, because preen will not work. Although the car, of course, he will return. That’s just to pick it up will have again with the help of a tow truck.

on Thursday, the driver of the “Batmobile” waiting in the traffic police Department.