just as we turn in everyday life is currently down a gear, we take it back to us in terms of Skincare something – we send our skin, so to speak, in the vacation and leave for a few days simply alone. Here you can relax and thoroughly unwind. Sounds simple? It is actually also! But there are still two things you should note.

The skin detoxify

As with any diet, it is also about abandonment. This means, as many – if not all – to omit beauty products. Yes, this is radical, but only so the skin can benefit as well. It is the largest Organ of the body and soaks up everything we give her. In addition to good content, the materials, unfortunately, plasticizers, silicones, or even hormonal substances. These can interfere with the oxygen intake of the skin and thus the natural acid mantle from the balance.

surrender will be rewarded

The best effect you can achieve, if you abstain for at least a week on all products, no creams, no Soaps and no Make-up. The face, clean immediately with water and give the skin the opportunity to breathe properly.

If you cream it hard to cope without a face, you can help out with a moisture spray. But it is completely normal that the skin needs to get used to in the first days of the new Regime. It is important that you drink lots of water, and the body at the most basic herbal teas when you Detoxify support.

donation Which aides during the Skincare diet moisture, see you at the top of the gallery.

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