In Qatar killed opposition journalist

The Arab and the African Commission on the rights and freedoms condemned the killing of journalist and activist Fahd of Bahandi in Qatari prison "Abu-Hamor", reports Sky News Arabia.

After three years of arbitrary imprisonment in solitary confinement and hunger strikes, Fahd of Bahandi opposed to the Qatari authorities, allegedly was tortured and killed. The reason was that it raised a prison riot caused by fears of the spread of coronavirus among prisoners. The human rights organization urged Qatari regime to conduct a "impartial" the investigation and to explain the torture, the Qatari activist. At the moment, the blame for the death of Bahandi defenders lay directly on the Emir of Qatar and the Ministry of internal Affairs of the country .

Prison "Abu-Hamor" – main prison of Qatar to "dissidents" that are somehow threatening to the Qatari throne. Fahd of Bahandi is a graduate of the University of Teesside (UK), at the time of his death he was 37 years old, he left behind a wife and two children.