In Puerto Rico have shot the baby under her clothes, found a packet of drugs 151

In Puerto Rico four-year-old suffered as a result. When he was taken to the hospital, under the clothes, he found 151 folds of heroin, reports the Associated Press.

As reported in the local police, the shooting incident happened on February 10. Unknown opened fire in the apartment where the child lived with her mother, her roommate, 26-year-old John Hernandez, and two year old sister.

an Armed man was ambushed by Hernandez in a place where there was drug trafficking, and chased him. Hernandez managed to run into the apartment, but to save him failed. The Stalker shot him and wounded the child. The boy received several the Younger sister of the boy was not injured, and the mother in the time of the attack was not at home.

the Police are looking into who hid drugs under child’s clothing. While none of the suspects have not been apprehended.