Finalist of “the Battle of psychics” again spread the cards on the fate of the artist.

Recently honored artist of Russia Mikhail Efremov suffered a heart attack. But despite this, the actor did not hospitalized.

Previously, lawyers have said that the heart problem will not be a mitigating circumstance in sentencing.

What other disease can worsen Mikhail Efremov? What happens to the actor if it will be sent to places not so remote?

These questions are answered by the famous fortuneteller, a tarragon, a finalist of the project “Battle of psychics” Alexander Kirinov.

Earlier, Alexander had already pitched the cards to the fate of Mikhail Efremov. So, the tarragon predicted that the artist will receive a suspended sentence and will face mass persecution. And he may want to leave the country.

Now Alexander turned to the maps again. And they said, look in the video comments Tarot reader portal