MOSCOW, 1 may — RIA Novosti. Wild animals of the national Park “Land of leopard” vets arranged a medical examination, the press service of the reserve.

Experts reveal small animal potentially dangerous infectious diseases that can threaten their larger neighbors – the Amur leopard and Amur tiger.

To find out what diseases may be affected by the rarest cat of the planet, in the national Park started the “eco-hunt”. Small predators veterinarians are using zhivolovok – special containers with bait. At this time, the imprisonment of “prisoners”, apparently, is not worried: particularly resourceful “patients” come to eat again in the dining room, and traps have to move.

At the appointment with the vet this spring, came the badgers, met the experts and the hedgehog. During the examination, the doctors pay attention to each aspect of health. Temporarily immobilized animal after clinical inspection weigh, measure parameters of his body, take the blood and make smears from the mucous membranes. Upon completion of all procedures of animal released into the forest.

the Collected samples undergo a preliminary analysis and sent to the veterinary laboratory.