a resident of the city issued a passport stating that she is male. The mistake was corrected only after three years. This was reported in the regional police Department.

In 2017, a resident of the city was issued a passport after marriage. However, in the column “sex” she had indicated that she was a man. After a few months the error was discovered and the document they wanted change, but officials said that this can only be done at their own expense. They justified their decision by the fact that the passport issues do not arise, and the woman in this case, no claims were made.

– When an error is detected in the passport in 2018 citizen to appeal to the Federal migration service for issuance of the document was not due to his employment, – have explained in GU the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation on the Perm edge. Employees of the migration service of the citizen were installed and it asked to replace the passport. May 15 this year, the woman received a new identity document.

it is Noteworthy that in fact the false passport the woman used without any problems even in obtaining loans.