In the outlying Prague district of Reporyje (Řeporyje) on Thursday began the installation of a monument to Vlasov, the decision on construction of which was adopted on 11 December 2019 the district municipality on the initiative of the headman (chief) Paul Novotny.

Vlasov referred to as soldiers of the so-called Russian liberation army (ROA), composed of collaborators under the leadership sided with the Nazis, General Andrey Vlasov, who fought in the Second world war, the German Wehrmacht against the red Army. After the war, Vlasov court decision was declared a traitor and executed.

In November last year, known for his outrageous behavior, the former tabloid journalist and now mayor of the Prague district of Reporyje Nowotny said he intends to establish in the district a monument to Vlasov, because, according to him, that their forces had liberated in may 1945, the then village of Reporyje about Prague. This idea after a long discussion supported the majority of his colleagues in the local authority.

"not one millimeter I have not changed my position. All that needs to be done will be done", – said on Thursday to journalists Novotny, helping the workers in installing the memorial plaque Vlasov. Thus in connection with an alleged threat from Russia, Nowotny for two weeks under police guard.

"the Memorial plaque is ready. Taxpayers it will cost 153 thousand euros (about 6.1 thousand dollars) which will be allocated from the district budget. To this I still got plenty of other things, for example, a surveillance system that is already installed on our main square," said Novotny. According to the mayor, the memorial plaque commemorating the Vlasov still be supplemented by some work from the master, who wished to remain anonymous.

"I want there to be 5 may all the monuments were OK, they had wreaths, and everything was as it should be", – said Novotny.