WARSAW, 5 may – RIA Novosti. The number of victims of coronavirus in Poland reached 700 people, according to the Ministry of health of the country.

According to the health Ministry, during the period from Monday evening until Tuesday morning died and two people infected with the coronavirus. The total number of victims COWID-19 in Poland was 700.

For the last night in Poland found 236 new infections with coronavirus. The total number of those infected was 14 242.

In connection with coronavirus were hospitalized more than 2738 people, 100 765 are quarantined, 4280 recovered.

in Poland In connection with the spread of coronavirus infection declared a state of epidemic. The government of the Republic decided to close the borders for foreigners to restore border controls with Schengen countries to stop international air and rail passenger transport, close to kindergartens, schools, universities, entertainment and catering, hair salons, nail salons. Monday after a six-week hiatus made the decision to resume shopping centres.

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