The day of silence began in Poland before the presidential election, which will be held on Sunday.

In accordance with the Polish law, day of silence begins at midnight between Friday and Saturday and continues until the polls closed on Sunday evening.

During this period prohibited any kind of campaigning for certain candidates and political forces, rallies and demonstrations, distribution of promotional materials. Thus in a period of silence not to disrupt the previously posted propaganda posters. Ban propaganda on the Internet.

Also it is forbidden to publish opinion polls, including the exit poll.

For violation of the regime of silence, guilty face a monetary penalty, the largest in size from 500 thousand to 1 million zloty (from 125 to 250 thousand dollars) – provided for the dissemination of opinion polls.

For the post of President of Poland claim 11 candidates: incumbent President, the candidate of the ruling party "law and justice" Andrzej Duda; the candidate of the opposition Union of "the coalition" Rafal Trzaskowski; Vladislav Kosiniak-Reed (Polish peasant party); Robert Bedron (Union of left forces); Szymon Hołownia (independent candidate); Krzysztof Bosak (Union of nationalists and eurosceptics "Confederacy"); Stanislav Zultek ("Congress of the new right"); Marek Jakubiak ("Federation of the Republic of Poland"); mirosław Piotrowski ("the Movement of the Real Europe"); Paul Tanaino (independent candidate representing business); head of the labour Union, leftist politician Waldemar Witkowski.

On the basis of the epidemiological situation in the two communes (districts) of the country’s voters will go to the polls, voting will be held exclusively in the form of absentee voting – by mail. The state electoral Commission of Poland on the proposal of the Minister of health Cholovskogo Lukas decided that elections will be held in absentia in the communes in which the so-called incidence rate of more than 100 people per 10 thousand inhabitants. We are talking about the area sheep Wielkopolska and the area of Marklowice Silesian Voivodeship. For the rest of the country will work the polls and to vote by mail people will desire.