In Poland demanded that the Russian reparations for the damages during the war

Photos: Moscow 24/Michael Sipko

In Poland said that Russia is obliged to pay for the country compensation for damage in the Second world war. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the leader of the ruling party of the Republic, “law and justice” Jaroslaw Kaczynski.

“Germany and Russia can not be compared. In Berlin sits a democratically elected government, there are law and morality. About Russia to assume this is impossible. You are right: Russia, too, must pay,” he said.

According to the leader of the Polish party, the requirements of the Republic in this matter “does not expire”.

Kaczynski Also added that he believes that the present generation will live to see that Moscow take responsibility.

Polish leader Andrzej Duda said earlier that the issue of reparations from Germany for the damage during the Second world war, the damage remains. The German authorities, in turn, noted that they do not intend to pay Poland.

Moscow also rejected claims of Warsaw on this issue, stating that no reparations, the Polish side did not get, because they do not have a right to them.

Earlier Blashak in Polish TV said that Warsaw had not received reparations from Berlin, because “Moscow took such a decision.” In his opinion, Poland is not a sovereign.

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