the Russian militarized Crimea acts as a “Scarecrow” for the countries of the black sea region and Europe, writes Defence24.

the Polish newspaper claims that Russian anti-ship missiles “cover almost all of the Black and Azov seas”, and the possibility of Russian combat aircraft and air defense in the region in recent years has grown significantly.

Also, the publication expresses concern that in case of receipt in the Crimea even more powerful weapons, including rocket complexes “Iskander” extended range, “you [the Russian military] capabilities are likely to increase significantly”.

it is Alleged, for example, that “Moscow will significantly disturb the existing balance of forces, occupying the Peninsula of nuclear weapons.” “The Russians are with the current system, established in the Crimea or near it, can already attack half of Europe (including almost the entire territory of Poland), the Eastern Mediterranean, North Africa and the Persian Gulf region,” concludes Defence24.

In August, the newspaper wrote that Russian su-30SM fighter jets after receiving a heavy rocket class “air-surface”, created on the basis of liquid hypersonic missile X-32, greatly increase his own power.