In Poland are investigating the destruction of the graves of Soviet soldiers

the decision of the court almost coincided with a significant date: on January 27 in the city celebrated the 75th anniversary of “the return of Tschinke for the Fatherland” – as they call the liberation of the city by Soviet troops. Formally it really was a return. After all, Warsaw was once Polish, and then from 1815 it was part of Prussia, then Germany, and at the end of the Third Reich was called Sunlance. But this impersonal term “return” indicates that the city supposedly went back to Poland himself, if it was not here the fighting, which killed 156 Soviet soldiers. And wreaths on the day of the 75th anniversary of the authority of Tschinke headed by the new mayor Krzysztof Yavorsky laid to the cross, symbolizing this “comeback”, and not to the mausoleum of Soviet soldiers at the Postal square, not coincidentally the former area of the Soviet Army. Right now and there is nowhere to lay wreaths to the mausoleum of the Polish government wiped off the face of the earth.

Photo: Ariadna Rokossovskaya How poles living in former German territories

Recall that the construction of the mausoleum began right after the liberation of the city. The work was directed by its first commandant, major Boris Rubtsov. The mausoleum was written: “the Soviet soldiers who fell in Trzcinski earth.” The center building with the columns was the obelisk, on which was written: “Here are buried the rank and file, sergeants and officers of the red Army…” and then names. According to the documents, there were buried 56 of the red army. However, some local residents claimed that their remains in the late 50’s were reburied in the nearby military cemetery, but no documentary evidence of this. Three years ago, authorities held a kind of superficial examination and announced that remains on the territory of the mausoleum was not found. After this the Postal area arrived the bulldozers and prognAronova protests of the Russian Embassy in Poland and Polish public figures, he cleared a place for the future “Centre of social integration”.

But there were poles who could not remain indifferent to the destruction of the graves of liberators of their country. The activists of KURSK, which involved volunteer work at military cemeteries in Poland and restore the monuments to Soviet soldiers in the country, demanded clarification of circumstances of barbarism and bring those responsible to justice. Earlier, the head of the company Jerzy Pow wrote on his page in a social network: “We deal with the case of the destruction of mass graves of Soviet soldiers in the business Advisor for more than two years. From the beginning we understood the mechanism that has guided the authorities of Tschinke, and step by step preparing for confrontation with those who committed this crime. Our actions are headed by the leadership of the Commonwealth of KURSK, along with the lawyers and families of the soldiers buried at the Postal square. The biggest disappointment of the prosecutors, to whom we addressed our notice. These ladies and gentlemen got up the wall for those who made the destruction of the grave.”

If it was not here the fighting, which killed 156 Soviet soldiers

According to TICA, the district court judge in the business Advisor has considered the complaint of activists on the decision of the Prosecutor “to initiate investigations into the Commission of a crime by officials and state officials.” “The judge quashed the Prosecutor’s decision and ordered a thorough investigation! He indicated the Prosecutor that there was no action taken to clarify the circumstances of the case, was not given any answer to the points contained in our notice, not questioned the person who sent the notice,” – said Pow. Now there is hope that justice will be restored, and with it, perhaps, the burial place of the Soviet soldiers will be a monument.