In place of the demolished monument in Poland to honor the memory of General Chernyakhovsky

In Poland, Russian diplomats commemorated the Soviet General Ivan Chernyakhovsky. The event was held at the site of the demolished monument to the military commander.

Wreaths and fresh flowers they brought into a vacant lot, overgrown with weeds. Carefully placed on a makeshift pedestal photograph of a Soviet General. Debris that power Pieniężno deliberately left after the dismantling of the memorial to Ivan Chernyakhovsky, did not prevent the Russian diplomats and veterans of the Polish army to hold a commemorative event.

“It was the youngest General of the Soviet Army . We remember that Poland was liberated by the red Army soldiers and 600 thousand people were killed on our soil. We should honor these soldiers of General Chernyakhovsky,” said a veteran of the Polish armed forces Bogdan Pokrovsky.

five years ago, there stood a concrete stele with a bronze relief of General . At the base of the monument twice hero of the Soviet Union kept a capsule with the earth of his homeland — from the village Aksinino Uman County of Kiev province. On the headstone were the words “To the eternal memory of the hero, from the grateful citizens of Olsztyn of the earth.” But historical memory in Poland was not as strong. After seven decades, the monument was razed to the ground.

On the outskirts of the German Melaka, now it’s Polish Pieniężno, General Chernyakhovsky was mortally wounded. Here at fork in the road, near the “emka” which Chernyakhovsky was driving to the command post of the 3rd army, exploded artillery shell. The shard pierced right through his chest. According to eyewitnesses, the only thing that managed to form a front commander – “is that all?! I’m dying.”

He did not live three months to the Victory and a few days to Marshal the shoulder straps. The order on awarding him the title of Marshal of the Soviet Union was already signed, but Chernyakhovsky was not even 40 years old. He became the youngest General in the red Army and front commander, whose troops liberated the Vitebsk, Minsk, Vilnius. Successfully conducted The East Prussian operation. Thanks, in particular, and his victories after the war, a large part of East Prussia was given to Poland, but this is not want to remember . General accused that his order was allegedly arrested and executed soldiers of the home army.

“Approaching the 75th anniversary of the Soviet Victory in world war II and intensified campaign to rewrite history, to falsify history, by the devaluation of our Victory,” said Russian Ambassador to Poland Sergey Andreev.

Poland has long violates the intergovernmental agreement on places of memory, historical facts do not fit the current political situation.

“here died the General who liberated Poland from Nazi occupation. We are ashamed that here today are all abandoned. And I hope will ever be again put in this place a monument to him”, — said Chairman of the Association of Polish veterans of the Second World war Roland Dubovskiy.

to honor the memory of the talented commander, the elderly drove 300 km from Warsaw . The portrait of Ivan Chernyakhovsky veterans of the Polish armed forces were frozen in the moment of silence.