the Governor noted that such maps are available in a number of regions of Russia, but in the Penza region the similar project has not yet been implemented.

– Our job is to care for people, – said Ivan Belozertsev. – I propose to implement the city’s pilot project “the Social card of the inhabitant of Penza” for which the number of categories of citizens living in the city, could acquire certain goods and services. We have the privileged categories could be large, low-income families, the elderly and the disabled.

As it became known, the project can be implemented when interacting with a socially responsible business.

– These entrepreneurs have a lot. This was especially evident in the period of the pandemic, the business came and offered their help. I am sure that entrepreneurs will meet our offer of partnership in this project. We can provide real help to the people, – said Ivan Belozertsev.

First, the pilot project will start in the regional center. It is planned in the shortest possible time. If it proves its effectiveness in the future it is planned to distribute in rural areas.

As the head of administration of Penza Andrey Luzgin, the city authorities have already begun to develop a social map. Within a month they will be able to deploy this project in Penza and to start issuing cards to those in need. On the ground the project is ready to join retail and pharmacy chains, as well as municipal enterprises providing services to the public.

Social map involves a system of discounts for owners for the purchase of goods and services to enterprises and organizations – participants of the project. They could be pharmacies, grocery stores, shops for children, a company engaged in marketing of building materials, goods for garden and kitchen garden and many others. Earlier in the Penza acted only grace road maps that allow the use of discount fares in public transport.

They look like the usual plastic cards, but are personalized and versatile. They are accepted partners of the projects for payment of goods and services at a discount. The main objectives of the introduction of social security cards are the transparency of the mechanism of social support of the population. The principle of targeted assistance, including financial, as well as creating the electronic environment of interaction of all bodies of social protection of the population.

help “RG”

Social card are the only persons recognised by needy. Social security cards already operate in some regions of Russia. They give the disabled, the poor, pregnant women, students, veterans and other categories of the population. The functionality of the card depends on the capabilities of the local budget and agreements with the business. So in Moscow and St. Petersburg on the cards of privileged categories can have free access to cultural events and to Park the car on Parking. The social identity card of citizens of Kazan pay for the child’s diet at school, in Karelia, get free legal advice, and in Mordovia are exemptions for public transport.