In Palestine, the ongoing mass protests

Residents opposed to the so-called “deal of the century” plan for Donald trump to resolve the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Demonstrations are taking place against the backdrop of clashes between the military.

“They are not entitled to decide for us! They have no right to drive us from our land” shout the Palestinians. The situation on the West Bank of the Jordan river is heating up more and more every day. In Palestinian towns that border Israeli settlements, Palestinians burn tires, and flags of the US and Israel.

“We, the Palestinians, never surrender, we will fight to the last. No one can prove that Jerusalem is not ours. This is all our territory. We will fight for the liberation of Palestine until the last drop of blood”, — convinced local.

protesters From words pass to business. In the direction of the Israeli settlement of flying stones. The Israeli military, in turn, in response used tear gas and shooting at protesters with rubber bullets.

In Jerusalem, too restless, protesting as Palestinians burn tires, throw stones at police. In response, water cannons and gas.

the protest is attached and the Eastern shore. In the Jordanian capital, people took to the streets in support of the Palestinians. Flags of Hamas and Fatah on the ground the flags of the United States And Israel.

In the Gaza strip on the border with Israel, today, no clashes, but on the streets too, hundreds of protesters. Irreconcilable representatives of Hamas once again talking about what will bring people to the streets in protest against the so-called “deal of the century”, which suggested that trump, and which is so admired Netanyahu.

the Evening on the streets of the Palestinian cities did not like about the daily protests, like they were never there. But tomorrow, immediately after the daily prayers, all to be repeated again.