In Omsk, the court sent to the colony of parents who set a child on buckwheat

– By court decision, the stepfather of the child Sergey Kazakov was sentenced to 4.5 years of imprisonment, the child’s mother Alina Yumashev – to 1.6 years of imprisonment, – have informed “RG” the representative of SU IC Russia in the Omsk region Larissa Boldinova. To serve the sentence they are in a General regime colony. In addition, defendants will have to pay in favor of the child victim of 400 thousand rubles as compensation for moral damage.

Alina Yumashev, who was also found guilty of improper execution of duties on education of minors, was taken into custody in the courtroom.

Photo: iStock Omichka, put son kneeling on the buckwheat, wants to raise him herself

As already reported, “RG”, 35-year-old programmer from Omsk from April to may of 2019 for educational purposes put your 8-year-old stepson for a long time kneeling on the buckwheat. Child tortured for the slightest infraction – removed the toy, was late after lessons. To control the process, the programmer was filming on a webcam. If the boy tried to get up he was beaten. The child’s mother was aware of how to punish her son, but didn’t. She supported spouse. In the course of the investigation Yumashev admitted that she put son kneeling on the buckwheat, and didn’t feed him for educational purposes.

unable to bear the humiliation, the child ran away from home to the neighbors who were told about what was happening. They called the police. The exhausted boy was hospitalized. He was in an exhausted condition. In the hospital it was found that the child four days were not fed. Doctors had to perform surgery to save the second-grader legs. Buckwheat is embedded in the skin on the knees, and had to be cut with a scalpel.

a Terrible story about the abuse of the child caused bbig public resonance. As it turned out, immediately after the incident, the child was seized from the family. But then returned to the mother accused of torture and improper upbringing of minors. This fact angered the Russians the most. Authorized under the RF President on the rights of the child Anna Kuznetsova has addressed in office of public Prosecutor of the Omsk region with the request to check the activities of the guardianship.

Photo: iStock In Moscow, the child ran away from kindergarten and went home

In Omsk flew representatives of the office of Ombudsman for children. On behalf of Anna Kuznetsova special attention was paid to the validation work of regional bodies and institutions of system of prevention of neglect and offenses of minors. During the inspection the education and social organizations of Omsk region was found massive violations.

Where subtly there and tear, – said Anna Kuznetsova. The audit showed that, unfortunately, our assumption was confirmed – the case of a child who was abused by his stepfather, as well as numerous completely ignorant of the steps of the guardianship talking about system failures. For every mistake, lack of professionalism a particular artist – the fate of the child, so we will work tirelessly to identify violations and to report problems in this area until we achieve effective solutions, in a particular case and in General.

Meanwhile, many Russian families have declared that are ready to take the injured boy and to give him the necessary love and care.