Experts told the mayor that the spans will be increased by 1.2 meters – the need has arisen in connection with the construction of the fourth bridge over the Ob river. After the reconstruction, the width of the overpass will be 28 meters (now 20 metres).

Anatoly Elbow noted that with the construction of the fourth bridge, the city had the opportunity to put in order the adjacent transportation network. In particular, to begin reconstruction of Zyryanovsk street. Now it is narrow, which does not allow to put the transport in full. In the future it should become part of the junction of the new bridge.

you Already have the project documentation, it is now necessary to update, to dock some points to that time as the bridge is ready, we have completed the reconstruction of Zyryanovsk street – said at a meeting Anatoly Elbow. – This street will be widened to four lanes. Also, there will remain a tram line, will include a sidewalk.

the Installation of the right of the superstructure will begin July 30 in this regard will be limited traffic on the street Ippodromskaya. For two weeks in the day time travel will be reduced, and night – movement will block completely.

to Finish the reconstruction of the bridge plan by the fall of 2021.

help “RG”

reconstruction of the overpass with tram tracks at the site of St Zyryanov started in 2019. The work is General contractor PF “vis”. Not to stop the movement of the tram, the line was temporarily moved to the left span, the right, meanwhile, dismantled. Now the builders increase the height of the supports, then put the span back in place and returned to him the tram tracks. After this will begin similar work on the left span.