In Novosibirsk discovered infected COVID-19 no symptoms of illness

12-day self-isolation.

In the Novosibirsk region have opened the account identified cases of coronavirus infection. For the second was. The woman who flew in from Italy to Moscow, from there on the morning of 8 March at the Novosibirsk airport Tolmachevo. As reported in the regional operational headquarters to reduce the risk of introduction and spread COVID-19, the patient was on flight 2513 S7 Airlines.

For me personally, two unpleasant coincidence, a woman was flying to Novosibirsk on March 7, and she had not found symptoms.

Photo: REUTERS Chronicle of coronavirus: what happened in Russia and in the world March 19

“the Clinical signs of the infection all this time the patient was observed. After repeated tests, the diagnosis was confirmed. The symptoms of SARS, it still is not” – said the official channel oberstab. The wife, who also traveled to Italy, negative tests.

every day, new questions. No, don’t panic. But the body did not become sticky from these messages, I want certainty. For example, the release of the press center of the municipality States that the symptoms of coronavirus infection – high fever, chills, weakness, cough, shortness of breath, muscle pain, conjunctivitis.

In some cases may be symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. And the Minister of health of the Novosibirsk region Konstantin Halzov oberstab at the meeting in the regional government explains: “Testing for coronavirus is made only for medical reasons”.

Photo: REUTERS/Hannah McKay because of the coronavirus Bulgarians dropped the British out of the plane

If women do not have symptoms, why she took the tests? There is some selection of countries, of which returning to be tested? I return to my “favorite” issues. To me personally several times on various hotlines, said no symptoms, no testing and a doctor.

the head of the region Andrey Travnikov rightly remarked that it is important to take control of arriving domestic aircraft flights, as many of those who flew from abroad to Moscow, and from there to the regions.

meanwhile, the all-Russian popular front (onf) proposes to legalize before the end of March a combination of office work and from home. For many, the transition to remote work is painless, well, except cats, which are mad from the constant presence of the owner of the house. “I regret that no cat. I always thought that it is impossible to combine work schedule and caring for a pet. And now, when at home, not enough kitty,” – says a friend.

Photo: iStock In the regions called the fake rumors about the disinfection of cities from the air

But what about those who are on duty on the front line? The courts, office of the bailiff and the tax service announced that they did not even approach her. “And how are you?” – ask employees a press-services of the banks.

during the day in the offices of VTB Bank, especially in the areas of customer service, disinfection, when working with documents and banknotes professionals use disinfectants. For customers who would prefer to refrain from personal visits to the Bank, will be provided the opportunity to conduct operations for the online channels.

At Alfa Bank compulsory transferred to the remote work of employees at risk over the age of 60, pregnant, suffering from chronic diseases. “Purchased industrial sanitizer for Bank offices throughout the country”, – said the press service of the Bank. In the offices of disinfection is carried out regularly, including doorknobs, handrails, stairs, and Elevator buttons.

by the Way, banks don’t worry – there’s a discipline, etc. are all the same in stores and in other public places?

Photo: Valery sharifulin/TASS “RG”-tips: How to protect parents during a pandemic

“Parents are told to come to kindergarten wearing masks. But where to get them?” writes a friend in the chat. “The masks I have not seen a single seller. The queues to the booths, people still cling to each other. Anyway, maybe a couple of people and saw the masks,” continued the other.

In social networks, opinions are divided. Some write that the mask does not need healthy, others – on the contrary, you need healthy, to protect yourself from sneezing. Masks are still there, but in the pharmacies began to appear recommendations on how you can do yourself a mask. Disappear alcohol swabs, disinfectants. A commercially available jumps in price.

for Example, the Irkutsk city hall of the city of Tulun openly admits: “the Department of business development assistance checked the availability of medical masks in the city pharmacies. Today’s masks in the presence of no.”

Medical masks from Ukraine to Romania delivered the smugglers-divers

But as the press service of the Siberian customs Directorate (STU), the staff of the Altai customs were discovered in the Luggage of the citizens of Mongolia 4,35 thousand masks aboutthe current weight of 12 pounds. To ask foreigners where they took so much protection?

meanwhile, the regional Ministry of industry and trade reported that in Novosibirsk and its satellite town Berdsk mask from Berdsk enterprise “Medsklad” can be purchased in the kiosks “Rospechat”. Masks of non-medical, they are used in food production, in places with large concentrations of people, but can protect from viral infections, transmitted by airborne droplets. Already in a network of booths “Rospechat” received two thousand masks about 10 rubles apiece (pack of five pieces).

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