fans of the Wild West has the opportunity to buy a cowboy town, however, this would require $ 7.5 million. This is the sum of estimated small settlement called Mallepally ranch, located on the North island of New Zealand.

As reported by CNBC, the town was founded in 2006 by a local enthusiast John of Bedoni in honor of the famous cowboys – American Wyoming.

In Mallepally ranch for approximately 22 people (that’s how many people can accommodate three residential buildings) is the authentic “cowboy cabin”, the Sheriff’s office, court house, theater and billiard club. To the settlement you can reach Auckland in six hours by car or helicopter.

According to the representative of auction house Sotheby”s Ben Joana already received a lot of offers to buy Mallepally ranch, but it is not a love for the Wild West and the region’s potential for business. The fact that there is an expensive and quite rare Manuka honey. Only in 2019 here produced 15.5 tonnes of Manuka 600 hives.

by the Way, this is not the first case when the entire town put up for sale. So, in March 2016 for $ 8 million, sold the small town of cal-Nev-Ari casino and restaurant, hotel in Nevada, USA. First, the owner has requested for it $ 17 million, but then she had to reduce the price.