NEW YORK, may 4 – RIA Novosti. The number who died from the coronavirus in the state of new York for the last day amounted to 226, the day before it died 280 people, follows from the information presented at the press conference by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

new York is in the center of the epidemic of coronavirus in the United States.

According to the Governor, the total number hospitalized is decreasing, the total number is 9647, whereas before they were more 9700. Level hospitalized for the day, according to Sunday, amounted to 717 persons, whereas the day before, the figure was more than 780. In the worst days in the state hospital, new York city has had more than 3,000 people infected with coronavirus, in a day. The number of cases of connection to the ventilator is reduced, he added.

“a Figure that does not cease to haunt me, it is not reduced as much as we’d like to see it decreased. Still 226 new Yorkers died yesterday,” said Cuomo.

According to provided data, may 2 died 280 people, may 1 – 299, April 30 – 289, April 29 – 306 participants, 28 April – 330, April 27 – 335, April 26 – 337, April 25 – 367, April 24 – 437. In the worst days, the number dying from the virus exceeded 700 per day.

According to the authorities, all in the state died on 19 189 people.

the world health organization on 11 March announced the outbreak of a new coronavirus infection COVID-19 pandemic. According to the latest who data, there have been recorded more than 3.3 million cases of infection, about 240 thousand people died.

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