the Authorities in new York and Washington announced a storm warning due to the approaching tropical storm “Isaias”. The warning will be in effect until further notice.

Indicates that a tropical storm may strike Washington and the district in the next 36 hours, RIA Novosti reported.

In new York in the night of Tuesday predicted strong wind and heavy rain. On the stretch of promenade at Manhattan specialists have built fortifications of sandbags. According to the city Department of emergency situations, this is the only place in the area where you want extra protection from the storm, writes TASS.

the national centre for monitoring hurricanes, the US, predicted that by Monday evening “Isaias”, which is close to Charleston (SC), increasing to a hurricane. In the coastal areas is expected a strong wind, torrential rain, there is danger of flooding. The wind speed within a tropical storm is about to 31.2 m/s Element moves to the North-East at a speed of 7.1 m/s.