In Murmansk neutralized planned the attack of the bandit

Photo: information center of the NAC

In Murmansk neutralized member of the banned terrorist group, who was going to organize a terrorist attack. None of the operational staff and civilians did not suffer.

Photo: FSB FSB prevented the terrorist attacks in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous district and Stavropol Krai

According to the Information center of the National antiterrorist Committee, the detention took place last night. Employees of FSB have established the location of the bandit. When he tried to stop, he opened fire, so it was neutralized.

the NAC noted that during the inspection of place of incident found an improvised explosive device, ready to use, weapons and ammunition.

Noted that the man belonged to a banned terrorist group and were going after the terrorist attack in Murmansk move to the middle East.