In Munich, Lavrov explained the proposal

the proposal of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on the summit of the five permanent members of the UN security Council does not involve the creation of a “closed club of countries” – this statement was made by Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Participated in the forum “Primakov reading”, Lavrov on the sidelines of the Munich security conference said that I the end of January, President Putin has offered “to think of the summit” permanent members of the UN security Council. Not because it’s a private club special countries, but because they, like the founders of the United Nations bear special responsibility for everything that happens in the sphere of international security.

the Proposal, made during a speech in Jerusalem at the international forum “Keeping the memory of the Holocaust, fighting anti-Semitism,” remains in force, Lavrov added. Then Vladimir Putin proposed to organize a summit of Russia, China, USA, France and the UK to discuss the world’s greatest challenges.

Lavrov Also sure that attempts to stop or slow down the development process of multi-polarity will have no result. As evidence he cited statistics of the International monetary Fund. It shows that GDP of the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) already exceeds the GDP of the “big seven” (UK, Germany, Italy, Canada, USA, France and Japan).

the Head of the Russian foreign Ministry criticized the other participants in the Munich conference on security critics. He believes that some participants used the conference as a platform to voice loud statements for headers, and concrete solutions. So the Minister of defense mark Esper declared a new cold war against China, others said the conference should develop an approach in response to “Chinese and Russian challenges.” According to the Minister, this is a major drawback of such events.