In Munich established the international Committee on Libya

participants of the international meeting on Libya held on the sidelines of the Munich security conference, established the international Committee on the situation in the country in support of the decisions of the Berlin conference on January 19.

Resolved, that the international Committee on Libya will meet regularly under the auspices of the United Nations at the level of senior representatives of countries in the capitals of the participating countries. The chairmanship of the Committee will be replaced by the principle of rotation and then move on to Italy, then to the League of Arab States and the European Union are excerpts from the final statement of the meeting, TASS reported.

Assembled in Munich, politicians also urged parties to the conflict in Libya to observe a truce, to accelerate negotiations to reach a “permanent ceasefire”, and also noted violations of the embargo on arms supplies to Libya.

In the international meeting in Munich was attended by representatives of the same countries at a conference in Berlin on January 19. On behalf of Russia was made by the President’s special envoy on the Middle East and Africa, Deputy foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov. Representatives of Libyan parties to participate in the meeting are not taken.

At the end was made by the foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas, which, in particular, reported that EU countries are not yet able to reach consensus on the possible mission on the control over observance of embargo on arms supplies to Libya, but Germany is ready to contribute.

in addition, Maas said that the talks, which will start a political process in Libya, scheduled for February 26.

for his part, the Deputy UN special envoy for Libya, Stephanie Williams said at a press conference in Munich that the cease-fire in Libya “hanging by a thread” due to numerous violations of the ceasefire regime, the economic situation in the country deteriorates due to the blockade of the oil fields and the looming banking crisis.