In Moscow will open the exhibition

Visited will be able to see more than 170 rare exhibits from state museums and private collections of different countries of the world: posters, costumes and props from the films, rare photographs, documents and drawings of the Maestro.

the organizers of the exhibition – the State Central Museum of cinema, the Embassy of Italy in Moscow Italian Institute of culture in Moscow and the Agency COR – have hard work to show in all its glory the life and work of Federico Fellini and reveal the eclecticism and diversity of his talent.

Photo: Film prestige Sandra Milo: Fellini was my biggest love

Unique exhibits provided by the Central state archive of Rome, archive of the “Cinemazero Images”, historical archive of the Luce and private collectors, among them the niece of the Director and one of the exhibition curators Francesca Fabbri Fellini. The cinema Museum complements the exhibition with drawings of film Director, as well as pictures and posters from their collections.

the Exhibition is designed to help viewers better understand why Fellini entered the world history of cinema and why, even after a quarter-century after his death, his films evoke the same keen interest in the world. But no less interesting to understand how man was Fellini. This will tell him drawings, which the Director dedicated to his friends, and the letters he wrote to his beloved wife, Muse and a talented actress Juliet Mazin.

Moscow will be the first city that meet the impressive universe of the Director Fillini. From March 2020 to March 2021, the exhibition “Federico Fellini: 100” will tour for the ten largest cities in the world.

the Exhibition is intended for visitors 18 years or older.