The number of patrols on the streets of Moscow are increasing, during the may holidays the streets of the capital will be patrolling the 13 thousand employees of Regardie, said the mayor Sergei Sobyanin the TV channel "Russia 24".

"In ordinary days, we came out in the streets every day, about 2.5 thousand patrol. Now out 9 thousand . The holiday weekend will reach 13 thousand. That is an order of magnitude greater was the police of Regardie who patrol the city", – said Sobyanin.

He also noted that street crime was less.

"And for the last three months, for April data yet, but also criminality among migrants has decreased. But as the number of crimes at any time – before the pandemic and after a big city the number of crimes in the thousands, then of course, there is much to shoot (video with crimes – ed.) and it will be true. But numbers don’t say that we have dramatically increased crime, and Vice versa. Due to the fact that we will increase the number of patrols in Moscow, the number of people who are on the street, less so to be more", – said Sobyanin.

He noted that in any case, the situation is controllable.


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