“this weekend in Moscow – two great events, – said Sobyanin. – We open the Park “dream Island” and also a musical dream come true – the inauguration of the great organ”. When such a tool appears in the city – it is always important for music fans. Body in “charge” without exaggeration, was waiting for the whole world. The invitation to speak had taken the organist of the Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris Olivier Gross, a member of the Royal Academy of music of Sweden Gunnar Idenstam and other prominent Maestro.

Photo: Alexey Filippov/ TASS Concert hall “charge” will dedicate the festival to Beethoven and Tchaikovsky

the Organ will sound 24 hours, all the action was divided into sessions. Tickets were sold from November last year, has already sold more than 15 thousand, but the chance to become an honorary guest of the inauguration is still there. Ticket price – from 300 to 500 rubles depending on the time of day, sales is kz-zaryadye.ru.

the Inauguration is a ritual. Students will meet in the lobby, will tell about the history of the body, and then spend in the room. Usually we listen to the body, sitting comfortably in a chair. But the organ is not just music, it is also the metaphysics of the movements of the Maestro himself. In “charge” guests of the inauguration will be held at the maze, the boundaries of which represent sheet music. The organist will be before the audience at arm’s length. You will admire the game of the hands and feet of the musician, and at the same time astonished by the tool. He is one of the biggest in Europe, but, says the head of the company Mühleisen producing organ, Patrick Armand, in this case the main thing – quality sound. In this body of nearly six thousand pipes, thanks to them we hear the most hidden nuances of sounds.

However, said Armand, in the case of “Charge”, the dimensions of the on all too important. It is planned that the organists will be performing together with Symphony orchestras. Calculated: to produce a tool to “Charge”, took 40 thousand hours. And music lovers ahead – eternity.