In the capital kicks off the season of concerts on the roof. Performances will take place on the pedestal of the famous sculpture of Vera Mukhina “worker and collective farm girl” at ENEA. Already scheduled 13 concerts: sing electronics Basil Keen (author of the hits “the Voice” and “Sleep”), rock musicians Romario, OQJAV, “Samsara” – a lot of interesting and original artists and bands.

the First concert of the project “Music on the roof” is scheduled for August 2nd. Open season trusted indie musician Sergey Sirotkin, performing phlegmatic, gentle ballad under an acoustic guitar and electronic beats. He prefers to call himself on posters as Sirotkin.

Three months ago, the singer and guitarist released the mini album “dream And spirit”, which has already and percussion, subtly dosed part of electronics and electric tools, and more – atmospheric sound, music, a lot of interesting melodic and arranger of solutions. But the track “To you” is heard the romantic echoes of “Bravo” of the late 90-ies…

It’s very distinctive, soulful, full of emotions and undertones of the release. And, perhaps, still the best in his career Sirotkin. The audience definitely will not be bored. When it will sell only half the tickets before the roof could accommodate 300 people, now only 150.

Yes, and other safety rules have to be followed: you have to wear a mask and gloves, and in such an unusual audience, offering scenic views of the territory of the exhibition and sunsets (the concerts start at 20.00), should also be located at a distance from each other.

of Course, that performances are outdoors and require compliance with other safety rules. During a concert in the rain, the leader of “Alice” Konstantin Kinchev one day, as always, is rapidly moved around the stage, communicating with the audience. Recklessly and barefoot. And on stage there were puddles, and so he came “impossible where”, having a discharge current.

However, the organizers of the project “Music on the roof” has provided any weather: in case of rain or strong winds, they’ll ask artists and audiences to move already in the hall “worker and collective farm girl”.

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