In Moscow the head of the criminal investigation Department and its subordinate dismissed for a photo shoot with the corpses in the morgue

the head of the Department of information and public relations of the MIA of Vladimir Vasenin Head of information and public relations of the MIA of Vladimir Vasenin

the Chief of criminal investigation Department of the MIA of the Moscow district Shchukino and his subordinate lost his job over a picture in a morgue with dead bodies, said the head of information and public relations of the MIA of Vladimir Vasenin.

According to him, a photo of the major of police Vyacheslav Gordeeva and security officer of the division senior Lieutenant of police Tatyana Purysheva on the background of the bodies found management of own security GU MVD. According to available information, the photographs were taken in judicial morgue of Moscow N 5.

According to the results of the internal audit Gordeev and his subordinate was fired for “misconduct prejudicial to the honor of employee of organs of internal Affairs”. In addition, for “shortcomings in personnel work” disciplined a number of officials from the administrative Board of internal Affairs on Northwest administrative district of Moscow.

So, the chief of police in the North-Western administrative district of GU MVD in Moscow Anatoly Feshchuk warned about incomplete office compliance. The Deputy chief of Department of internal Affairs on SZAO Alexey Marinenko, head of Department Ministry of interior district Shchukino Ivan Panachaikon and the chief of criminal investigation Department of internal Affairs on SZAO Sergey Gladyshev will be dismissed from the internal Affairs bodies in certifying the order as not corresponding to posts.

Officer Vyacheslav Gordeev before the controversial photo shoot was in good standing in law enforcement. On the website of the police Department in the North-Eastern administrative district of Moscow published Gordeeva thanks from a resident for help in find my phone. Lost mobile in a shopping center thanked the police for their “abilities, professionalism, honesty” and asked me to give him the award. This request drew the attention of “the Media”.

But Gordeeva was also suspected of beating journalist and tossing drugs. In the summer of 2019 opposition politician Dmitry Gudkov, who specialised in Shchukino signatures for participation in elections to the Moscow city Duma, spoke about the case of the editor of social networks of TV channel “Zvezda” Andrei Evgeniev. He was detained in the fall of 2016 at the metro station “October field.” Searched at the police station, according to investigators, the book found hashish. The journalist categorically denied his guilt.

version of the book, the police tried to persuade him to “test” the purchase of drugs from a friend, and the hashish was planted after the failure of the journalist in revenge. According to the journalist, major Korneev beat him in the police Department.

In 2017 Evgeniev was sentenced to three years in prison. After the sentencing, journalist against “unknown persons” opened a criminal case about the planted drugs. After the scandal 2019 with the arrest of journalist Ivan Golunova, who planted drugs police, the case Evgeniev took under personal control took the head of the RF IC Alexander Bastrykin.

Andrew Evgeniev emotionally reacted to the news of the dismissal of major Gordeeva. “Is the one who put me. Isn’t that the pervert that I was beaten, tortured, threatened and put me on lawlessness. It was covered. But I knew that sooner or later he will kill their own cops. Because he was winded already, apparently,” he said Evgeniev edition of “Rise”. It also published a photo with the guards, made in the morgue.

According to the convicted journalist, Korneev have a crack atRoman. “I broke it, but somehow a consequence knows nothing about it. He has a so-called syndrome of God. It appears the cocaine over time, this is a signal that you need to stop use. So, apparently, this Vyacheslav these signallike stopped feeling and how he became such a wonderful selfie to take a picture together with the corpses. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did necrophilia was. For me, it’s not surprising,” he added Evgeniev.