the weather in the capital region will be influenced by two atmospheric phenomena: the passing to the East of the cold front and the anticyclone from Scandinavia. It is reported by the Weather Bureau of Moscow and Moscow region.

the Influence of weather tandem will lead to the fact that the air warms up to 22 in the city and region to 23 degrees. In the night hours not below +12. Sometimes from-for clouds will look out the sun, and in the evening in certain districts the rain. The stronger wind of 5-10 meters per second. Atmospheric pressure and oxygen content in the air is within the norm. “This weather corresponds to the climate norm for August in the capital region”, – explained the “RG” the chief specialist of the Weather Bureau of Moscow and Moscow region Tatyana Pozdnyakov.

earlier, forecasters said the cold snap mid-week to +15..+17 in the daytime. Night frost is not yet waiting.