three dedicated lanes where there are often traffic jams from August 15 to prohibit taxi fare. About it reports a press-service of the Centre of traffic organization of Moscow.

increasingly congested roads, where there are special lanes for buses, traffic jams of taxis. This is not surprising because of their number in Moscow in 2010 increased more than six times. Traffic ground transportation starts to go up with delays, to fall behind schedule, the waiting time increases, and the passengers spend on the road for more time.

to solve this problem, August 15 by three sections of dedicated lanes of travel will be allowed only above-ground public transport and emergency vehicles. The taxi cars they will be banned.

the New travel rules will start to operate on Prospekt Mira from the street Kibalchicha to Rostokinskiy street in the direction of the field; on the doubler of the Yaroslavl highway from the streets of Kholmogorskaya street Vernal Water towards the center; on the doubler of the Volgograd prospectus from D. D. 97к1 to 59.

the sites are dedicated lanes is a total of 49 bus routes, used by more than 150 thousand passengers daily.


Dedicated lane at the site of the doubler of the Volgograd prospectus from D. 59 D. 97к1 to work on a daily basis.