In Moscow revealed a shortage of cheap apartments

In the Russian capital had revealed a shortage of new housing. The number of square meters of the most affordable buildings in the capital there are only 3 percent, follows from the materials of the Agency “BEST-Novostroy”, arrived in edition “”.

For the first quarter of 2020 the volume of supply of cheap housing under construction in Moscow fell by almost 30 percent, to 48 thousand square meters in the format of apartments and 18 thousand meters in the format of the apartment. The most inexpensive new buildings are located outside Moscow, mostly in the South-East direction, analysts say.

the Largest share (44 percent) in the total volume of new buildings of Moscow is a project of “comfort” class. For business class accounts for 38 percent of the proposals for a “premium” and “elite” 8 and 6 percent, respectively.

“In fact, the draft comfortclass superseded and replaced the project economy, — experts state. — This is due to high competition in the market in recent years. In the fight for the buyer developers to improve the product, the result is increased not only its value, but also the expectations of the consumer audience from projects of mass housing”.

Earlier in April, were identified in crisis popular type of housing in Moscow: this is a Studio apartment in new homes. Experts believe that in the current difficult economic situation the share of “odnushek” in sales could grow by 7-10 percent.