In Moscow reported a burst of home Internet connections

While in Europe, video services are forced to lower image quality to reduce the load on the network, and in the warehouses of distributers end laptops for remote work, the epidemic of the coronavirus discovered another “high-tech” effect: increasing demand for home Internet.

How to write “Vedomosti” with reference to the employees of Telecom operators, in Moscow in recent days has sharply increased the number of applications for connection to the home Internet. Staff operators are coping, but it is not excluded that soon they will have to work in emergency mode.

According to MTS (owns the operator of MGTS) for the first four days of the week in the capital connected to the network by 20% more customers than average have connected for a week last month. At “Rostelecom” and “VimpelCom” connection grew by 24%. Moscow – the only region where there is such a trend, although the increase in connections more moderate.

For 2019, the year the number of users fixed wireless high-speed Internet in Moscow increased only slightly compared to the 2018 change was only 0.4%. Experts argued that the market is saturated and new customers to operators it is not found.

Changes in the last days and distribution of daily peak traffic. Earlier in the working hours it was smaller, but now at this time on the rise. In addition, the traffic in Moscow “migrated” from business centers to residential areas.

Text: To.Hi-tech