I’m Sure many residents of Moscow have noticed at the traffic light columns button with the red inscription “Wait”. It seems to be logical: you push for pedestrians turns green. Try. Zero response day. But if you click closer to the evening – from work. As it turned out, these systems are part of “smart intersections” that appear in many areas of the city and ensure traffic safety.

this year the number of “smart intersections” in Moscow will increase from 100 to 500, said “RG” the press service of the Center of traffic organization. Traffic lights with buttons is only part of the system. All movement, not just walking, is regulated by special algorithms. They allow you as soon as possible to miss public transport due to traffic light signals. How the light defines the bus in front of him or an ordinary car?

the asphalt to a depth of 12-15 inches put detectors are those sensors that capture and flux density, and type of vehicles. If the detector recognizes a bus, trolleybus or tram, that will immediately include them the green light. At the intersection of Chongarsky and Simferopol boulevards sensors mounted even in the tiles between the tram rails. Specifically to give priority to rail transport.

the Detectors under the pavement connected with the controllers that control the traffic lights. So the “right” transport include green. Existing “smart intersections”, according to the calculations of TMS, public transport has become faster, on average, 20 percent. If used for 2 minutes, the intersection could pass only one bus, now – four.

And what the buttons on the traffic lights? From 7 to 21 hours of “smart intersection” controls the traffic, including pedestrian. Therefore, in this period the buttons do not respond. But in the early morning and late evening pedestrians themselves can give yourself the green light.