In Moscow, police detained the opponent of the construction of the Southeast Expressway

Moscow, 19 Mar-2020 Moscow, March 19, 2020

In Moscow, at the railway platform moskvoreche, which began construction of the Southeast Expressway through the territory of a nuclear burial ground, detained activist Svetlana Trushkina. It is reported by the human rights project “OVD info” with reference to eyewitnesses.

Police surrounded the activists belonging to the car “GAZelle”, and when Trushkina asked them about the reasons for such action, she was taken away in a paddy wagon without explanation. Half an hour later she was released without a Protocol. Another activist named Anastasia told the newspaper that he had cut his arm on the fence of the construction site, when the police abruptly pulled it. Coverage of the events leading channels “Mouthpiece of Moscow” and Sotavision.

in the Evening the platform moskvoreche clashes between police and environmental activists. Police eventually pushed the protesters from the construction site.

“We are with the people were behind the counter, then we were met by the police. They started pushing and grabbing people”, – told the “MBH media” Munda area Printmakers Sergey Vlasov. After that Cass has installed fences.

During the arrest of a young man, the police used pepper spray. “Young people thronged the fence and one resisted. During his detention occurred the coupling and the police sprayed pepper spray. People released the guy and he was taken away by police,” – said Sergey Vlasov in his telegram channel.

was Soon apprehended and the MP. With him in the paddy wagon are 16 PeepsEC. According to the coordinator “Advocacy Cards” Alexey Pryanishnikov, they were taken to the police station “moskvoreche.” There went the lawyer.

the Guards for a second day in the morning standing in the cordon at the point of duty opponents of the construction site where preparations began for the removal of contaminated soil: on the eve of the slope near the plant of polymetals began to dig with the excavator, and today there were taken to the positioner.

March 18, Sergey Vlasov went to the place of work together with the builders, and measurements made with a dosimeter. According to mandapa, the level of radiation began to grow rapidly after construction equipment began to uproot the trees. The workers at this time, as the Deputy reported, were without any protective equipment, writes “Novaya Gazeta”.

the Evening of 17 March, the security forces tried to evacuate the car “the GAZelle” activists, from which they monitor the background radiation in the area.

the owner of the “GAZelle” had also previously searched the house, and before the police came to the five activists to bring them in for questioning. They at the moment are witnessed in the case of a broken sensor of radiation from the construction site.

According to Sergey Vlasov, the enterprise “radon” put the sensor about a month ago, but he’s more than a week failed: showed a 60-fold and 120-fold excess. It was later revealed that it was a problem with the electrics. The sensor has been repaired, but the “radon” is still applied to the police.

Southeast Expressway, according to the text on the website of the Moscow mayor’s office, is designed “to close the new chordal ring in the middle of Moscow, removing thousands of cars from the MKAD and TTK”. In October 2019 activists of the “Greenpeace” has imposed a scheme of construction of the chord in the area and took soil samples in the locations of the supports of the overpasses. The analysis showed the presence of the poleand foci of contamination with a maximum level of background radiation in the 200 micro-roentgen per hour at a safe level to 50 micro-roentgen per hour.

“for construction work, contaminated soil may be on the surface and radioactive dust can be scattered over significant distances (distance from where samples were taken, to the nearest homes – just 200 metres to the platform moskvoreche – 50 meters). Have breathed its people will increase the risk of cancer,” – said in the report, “Greenpeace”, which the organization sent to the Metropolitan mayor.

After numerous publications in mass media and the protests of local residents, city officials promised to conduct additional examination and suspended the construction. At the end of January the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin acknowledged the existence of radioactive contamination of soil at the site, which will host the South-East chord (UVH) and promised to solve the issue. In February it became known that the enterprise “radon”, which is used to clean contaminated areas, was awarded a contract for the removal of 10 cubic meters of radioactive waste and 450 cubic metres of contaminated soil. Experts have stated that such a local treatment may provoke a landslide across the slope, and as a result bare of radioactive waste will get into the air and into the water.

to reassure the public, employees “Radon” in early February, have established a radiation sensor in place of the future works. His testimony simultaneously transferred into the internal enterprise system and displayed on a Board near the exit from platform moskvoreche. The first day on the scoreboard suddenly appeared a figure 18,04 µsv/h is a value 60 times the normal background radiation. In the next few days activists recorded on the scoreboard over 20 surges of radiation. Employees “Radon” is explained by their malfunction.

the construction of the Southeast Expressway is the “Mascotrest”, which belongs to billionaire and friend of President Vladimir Putin Arkady Rotenberg. Only Moscow chords, not counting the South-East, the businessman will earn 460 billion rubles.