the opening ceremony will be held in an online format and will be presented on the website and social media ARTS.

the Exhibition “Premonition of Victory” is a unique shots of newsreel from the archives of the MIA “Russia today”, the Russian Academy of arts and private collections. Another exhibition hall dedicated to the works of artists-veterans from the funds of the IAC ARTS. Among the artists the brothers are laureates of the Union state prize in literature and art.

National artist of the USSR Alexei Petrovich and Sergei Petrovich Tkachev – write two brushes. Its joint Commonwealth, they began seventy years ago, in 1948, creating the sketches for the famous painting “the Children”. And since then work together. Sergei Petrovich 97, Alexei Petrovich 94, together they form a creative tandem of “the Brothers”.

the series “Native land”, which was awarded the prize of the Union state, is eight paintings, eight heartfelt stories, most of which is devoted to war. The youngest of the brothers, Alexey, during the occupation worked at the Ural plant, and Sergei went to the front. Among his awards – the order of the Patriotic war II degree, medals “For courage”, “For military merit”, “For victory over Germany”.

Their works are in the State Tretyakov gallery, State Russian Museum, in museums of the United States, Italy, China, where Tkachev adore. Especially a lot of their paintings in America – 350 paintings.

Before the war, Mr. Jackson studied at the Vitebsk art school and here he was in the first German bombing. After the war, the parents of artists settled in the village is Low, Minsk region. After graduation Tkachev was again in Belarus, their creative home.

– With Belarus we have 10 years of life, – has told the senior Tkachev. He studied in Minsk the Union of artists there took, participated in the decade of the Belarusian art at the Academy of fine arts in 1955 was awarded a medal for labour honors.