Moscow Authorities offered to employers to change the mode of work of employees so that working day some of them started at a wider time interval — s 06:00-07:00 12:00. Such changes, according to officials, will have a positive impact on the provision of social distance in public transport. On 16 June the Deputy mayor of the capital Maxim Liksutov in his column on a single transport portal.

Liksutov noted that this practice applies to many enterprises in Germany and Canada, says the TV channel “360”. So, according to him, if employees will come to work with 06:00-07:00 to 12:00 instead of the usual 08:00-10:00, it will decrease the load on the transport and will be easier to observe social distance, writes “Federal news Agency”.

the Official added that in September 2020, the authorities intend to launch a pilot project to reduce the cost of travel to one of the metro lines out of the morning rush hour. If the result shows the redistribution of the load, the experience can be extended to other metro lines. A pilot project has already been agreed with the mayor of capital Sergey Sobjanin, the Agency urban news “Moscow”.

Liksutov Spoke about different scenarios of development of transport system of Moscow after a pandemic coronavirus, as well as about the consequences for environment, economy and public health. According to him, the choice in favor of moving on foot and on bicycles can keep the necessary balance to the environment, health of citizens, and also will allow not to overload the transport system. From June 18 until the end of season 30% will be reduced the cost of city bikes, writes, “Moscow 24”. Now we need to understand what should be done to the citizens usually walked, used a Bicycle or scooter and it was safe and comfortable, made Liksutov.

the Initiative to change the mode of operation criticized doctor sleep, PhD Sofia Cherkasova.

She said that “larks”, who will welcome this new regime very early, less than 5%. Therefore, 5% will live according to these laws, and others — suffer. The specialist noted that “for most people 3-4 hours of the night is the middle of deep sleep stages necessary for recovery,” writes RIAMA.

on 16 June it was reported that about half of Russians (47%) continue work remotely. According to the survey conducted to the usual office mode returned only 15%.