Common in the Soviet Union, the practice of moving buildings to make room for the construction of new buildings, with the collapse of the Soviet Union is gone. But in 2020, in Moscow for the first time since the Soviet era implemented the project to move the building to a new location.

As reported by the Twitter account, "Architectural excesses" in the capital of the territory of the former Moscow compressor plant “Borets” have saved the water tower from 1899, the building located on Reserve street near Savyolovsky station, completely moved to the new location, which is located 100 metres from the original site of the tower.

How notes portal "legacy", this is the first of April 1979 as a whole a moved building to this one last time for the construction of a new building "news" was 47 meters deep into the street shifted Sytin house on Tverskaya, Nastasenko to the corner of the alley. The process of moving the tower to 100 meters took almost 3 days.

In addition the tower will be moved several more buildings plant "Fighter" — the historic buildings will become part of a new complex of Technopark and turn into office space, as well as public cultural and Museum area. In the process of moving will change the layout of the buildings in the whole complex, because they are deployed at an angle relative to the original position of the buildings. It is expected that all planned relocation of the building on Reserve street has been moved to new locations in November of this year.

Earlier, the "Popular mechanics" in a separate article talked about how in the USSR, moved the entire building.