In Moscow have passed negotiations of Erdogan and Putin, with the participation of heads of the defense ministries of Turkey and Russia

In Moscow ended in a personal meeting between the presidents of Russia and Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Vladimir Putin Alone the presidents talked for about three hours In Moscow, ended a private meeting of the presidents of Turkey and Russia, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Vladimir Putin,
the Press service of the President of Russia Alone, the presidents talked for about three hours

In Moscow, ended a private meeting of the presidents of Turkey and Russia, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Vladimir Putin. The talks continued with participation by delegations, said the Agency “Anadolu”. In the Russian and Turkish delegations in the Kremlin, in particular, included the head of the foreign and defense Ministers of the two countries, reports “Interfax”.

the Meetings in narrow and expanded format under the chairmanship of the presidents of Turkey and Russia, Erdogan and Vladimir Putin lasted five hours forty minutes.

Alone the presidents talked for about three hours. In the beginning of the meeting Putin stressed that the situation in the Syrian Idlib deteriorated to such an extent that it requires direct personal conversation between two presidents. In turn, Erdogan expressed confidence that the meeting will help to alleviate the situation in the Syrian province.

“We had to hold this meeting in Turkey, but because of your work on amendments to the constithe Constitution we have decided to accept your invitation and come here, – said the Turkish leader. – Of course, our meeting in Idlib is of great importance, since the region is very tense. I know that today the whole world is watching our negotiations.”

the Central issue on the agenda of the talks between Putin and Erdogan the situation in the zone of de-escalation in Idlib. As previously stated the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin expects that leaders will be able to reach a common understanding of the causes and consequences of the crisis in Idlib, as well as the “set of necessary joint measures for further termination.” According to Peskov, Moscow supports the territorial integrity of Syria and supports Damascus in the fight against terrorism, while maintaining a commitment to the Sochi agreements and giving “great importance to cooperation with Turkish partners.”

Erdogan stressed that Ankara and Moscow have reached an unprecedented diplomatic success. “We are now experiencing a period when relations between Turkey and Russia reached its peak in the trade and in the defense industry. We believe we need to continue to move in this direction, it is our main goal. I am sure that we will succeed in this business,” said Erdogan.

In September 2017 Russia announced the conclusion with Turkey of the contract for the supply of s-400 cost $ 2.5 billion. The first deliveries started on July 12, 2019.

In January 2020 with the participation of the presidents of the two countries in Istanbul, the ceremony of launch of the gas pipeline “Turkish stream”, according to which the gas was delivered to Turkey. In addition, the Russian company, part of state Corporation Rosatom building Turkey’s first nuclear plant at Akkuyu in Mersin on the South of the Republic, notes TASS.

In turn, Putin stated the need to discuss the situation in Idlib, so it does not damage Russian-Turkish relations. “We need to be sure to speak all, the whole situation today (in connection with the events in Idlib. – Approx. TASS) that nothing of the sort was repeated and it does not damage Russian-Turkish relations, to which we – and I know you too – are very carefully and cherish this”, – Putin said.

Putin, Erdogan expressed condolences in connection with the death in Syria of the Turkish military. The Russian President noted that “the loss of life is always a big tragedy.” “Unfortunately, as I already told you in a telephone conversation, no one, including Syrian soldiers, did not know where it [the Turkish military] finding,” said Putin.

He also noted that the loss carries and the enemy of the Turkish army, supported the Russian military. “During this time were injured and the Syrian military, the Syrian army has serious losses,” – said Putin, offering Turkish leader whether to sympathize or rejoice over the successful actions of their troops.

a Memorandum under which the province of Idlib became one of the four areas of de-escalation in Syria, was signed by Russia, Turkey and Iran in may 2017. In September 2018 in Sochi the presidents of Russia and Turkey have agreed to establish in this province the demilitarized zone depth of 15-20 km along the line of contact between Syrian government forces and armed opposition. By the end of 2019 Idlib was the last province in Syria, which has remained strong armed opposition groups.

In December 2019, the Syrian army launched an offensive, trying to take Idlib under control. In fierce fighting gradually began to get involved Turkish military supporting the Syrian opposition, and the Russian army, serving as an ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

27 Feb 2020 informed opposition armed groups launched a counter-offensive in Idlib, attacking the positions of Syrian government forces. Support the defenders with air had not only the Syrian and Russian aircraft.

as a result of air strikes killed 34 soldiers of the Turkish army, and injuring more than 30 people. In Ankara, said that the dead soldiers were at the observation post. However, the defense Ministry assured that the Turkish military were “in combat formations of the advancing terrorists.” The defense Ministry also assured that the aircraft HQs in the area was not used.

March 4, official representative of Russian defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov said, and all that happened in Idlib “splicing” the territory controlled by fighters from Turkish observation posts. He also noted that only Russia with its actions helps to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe in Syria. “In the context of total cynicism and false concerns of the West the humanitarian situation in the zone of de-escalation of Idlib, the only Russian Center for reconciliation of the warring parties and the legitimate Syrian government daily in the liberated areas with all the necessary assistance to local residents,” – said Konashenkov. His words led RIA “Novosti”.

In UN, NATO and the United States criticized Russia for its policy in Syria. The report of the UN Commission on Syria even laid on Russia responsible for war crimes. According to international experts, the attacks of the Russian and Syrian military are exposed to hospitals, and places where civilians. As a result, in Idlib province civil liberties are at stake, including children who reside in areas under the control of the opposition “Democratic forces of Syria.”

the head of the military of NATO Jens Stoltenberg condemned the “indiscriminate air strikes of the Syrian regime and its patron Russia” in Idlib andcalled them “to stop the offensive, to respect international law”. A us Republican Senator Lindsey Graham urged the President of the United States Donald trump to intervene in Syria. “The world sits idly by and watches the destruction of Idlib, Assad, Iran and the Russians,” said Graham.

Later in the United States promised to provide Turkey with military aid, providing her with ammunition for the fighting in Syria.

the Escalation in Idlib led to unprecedented over the entire period of the civil war in Syria, the wave of migration. To the border with Turkey rushed over 950 thousand refugees, mostly women and children. The immigration crisis threatens the European Union, which urgently takes action to resolve.