In Moscow, active buyers of second homes — by the end of July 2020 the number of advances made for apartments rose by 50 per cent compared to the June figure, and by 15 percent compared to July 2019. This is stated in the materials “INKOM-real Estate”, arrived in edition “”.

the Demand for “secondary” is almost on the same level as in dekorativny period, the realtors — it is only 5 percent lower than in March. An equally sharp rate increases and the number of calls received from potential buyers of apartments in comparison with may, it increased 2.7 times, from June to 1.5 times, according to “INCOM”.

Among the target groups of buyers that were most active on the market “secondary”, experts identify mortgage holders and people who purchase apartments for their savings from depreciation.

“the Weakening of the ruble and the dollar relative to other world currencies leads to the fact that they are looking for new opportunities to be a wise investment, as a result turning their attention to the real estate market. Thus in August, according to our forecasts, the level of current demand on the “secondary market” of the capital will decrease — presumably by 15-20 percent in comparison with July indicators,” conclude the realtors. The imminent decline of the demand they associate with the holiday period.

Earlier, in July, it was reported that a significant proportion of buyers of real estate in Moscow could shift from one-bedroom apartments and Studio rooms. This happens because of the financial problems of the citizens at the backdrop of the spread of coronavirus.