In Moscow has opened Europe's largest indoor amusement Park

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For the first two days the Park was visited by over 150 thousand people – at the entrance to it even traffic jam, and Muscovites have been recommended to reach by public transport. To make it easy – a seven minute walk from the “Island” metro station “Technopark”, which through the congested Prospekt Andropova stretched first in the capital pedestrian overpass with travelators. So in a sense, rides begin before the Park entrance.

the entrance way, decorated in the style of a fairytale castle – towers with high spires that form the main façade, with a length of several hundred meters. Right behind them begins city boardwalk. It is a trading-recreational part of the Park, the entrance to which is free – here is located brand stores and numerous cafes and restaurants. In fact, it is a modern shopping centre, but with its own twist – the streets are stylized in the promenades of famous cities. Here the Roman Colosseum, but the exact, though reduced, a copy of the Catalan architecture catches the eye is “House of bones”, by Antonio Gaudi.

Photo: Tero Takala-Escola Architecture, sports and food: winter tourism in Finland

the streets Covered with a glass roof, so warm and dry will be here all year round, the lighting is quite natural. The streets converge on the square in Moscow, over which at a height of 35 metres of hanging the country’s largest glass dome – he’s two and a half times larger than the dome of Norman foster on the Reichstag in Berlin. From the square you can get to the concert hall on 4,5 thousand places, and a 17-screen cinema, but they’re not ready yet, though the opening promised soon.

For the boardwalk begins the actual indoor amusement Park with PLAa suspected entrance space with more than 20 rides, able to impress as children of different ages and adults. The little ones already at the entrance attracted the Smurfs – the kids are running to take pictures of favorite cartoon characters, and then goes to explore the house of the Princess and to ride the carousel. But this is only the beginning – then begins the area of “Mowgli in the land of the dinosaurs”, where lived millions of years ago, the monsters look like living. There are rides serious. For example, to the “Hammer of destiny” all weekend was standing in a long queue – these swings with the height of a five-story building sway from side to side at 240 degrees, along the way omitting setting them upside down. The adrenaline rush provided to all to keep emotions on this carousel does not work even among men.

And going into the “Temple of Fire”, one can experience almost all the forces of the elements – you will need a lift and abruptly let go of down to spin and throw it in the fire, then water… In General, a test for the brave.

of Course, for all that you have to pay and prices could cool the excitement of the guests. A ticket for a child under the age of 9 years on weekdays will cost 1900 rubles, and those who are older than 10 years, will have to pay is 2200. It does not deliver from the queue, and sometimes you can spend half an hour on only one of the attraction. To solve this problem help tickets Fast Pass, but they are significantly more expensive. So our advice is to go to the Park better on weekdays, you get to save money and not to lose precious time in the queues.

Otherwise, there is a chance to get into the human traffic jam is on the way to the closet – in the early days of the Park complained about it many visitors.

On the wings of the wind Photo: Valery sharifulin/TASS About 30 street festivals will be held in Moscow in 2020

Opened Sam’s fun city.a Protocol is only the first part of the project of transformation of the Nagatinskaya floodplain. The second phase involves the construction of a concert hall, a hotel complex, a children’s yachting school and the promenade.

the boardwalk and the theme Park is also still not ready. In addition to the concert hall and cinema in the shopping promenade will open new stores and cafes. And in the entertainment district and within one-two months will launch a new theme: “Library the Snow Queen”, “Flight tunnel”, “On the wings of the wind” and “Hotel Transylvania”. Skiing on them will be accompanied by visual effects that was developed by the famous global companies. They had previously worked on popular films and TV series, including “Jurassic Park” and “Game of thrones”.

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All the details of the Park are better to look at the website There you can buy your tickets and check whether you have the right to benefits. However, to buy discount tickets have cash on the spot, upon presentation of supporting documents. Another way to avoid the queues, in addition to visit on weekdays to come to the opening – in the working days of the theme Park opens at noon and weekends at 10: 00.

the Dinosaurs in “Island of dreams” almost as if alive – they move and rather menacing growl. Some of them even lead on a leash down the hall. They are pterodactyls, APE-banderlog and other inhabitants of fantastic worlds.

Infographics “RG” / Leonid Kuleshov / Alexander Meleshenko