this year in Moscow has increased the number of graduates who passed the exam in chemistry and biology for high scores. So, on the exam in chemistry 1731 scored from 81 to 100 points. It is 20 percent more than last year. While 160 graduates scored maximum points.

exam in biology 100 points written five. Another 590 people scored on the exam from 81 to 99 points.

the Examinations in chemistry and biology pass the graduates who are going to connect your future life with medicine. According to experts, interest to the professions of this sphere grows as well because the doctors had dealt effectively with the challenge the pandemic. It raised the profile of medical specialties and their relevance to young people.

the Main period of the exam in 2020 was held from 3 to 25 July. For participation in Moscow there were about 80 thousand people, of which 7710 graduates chose chemistry, and 10 765 — biology. This year the exam was passed only those graduates who plan to enroll in universities. For receiving the certificate of delivery of state examinations is not required.

to See the results of the exam, graduates can in the personal Cabinet on the portal